Contract Software Engineering
Application, game, website design & programming
Graphic design, character design
Painting, illustration, cartooning, sculpture
Traditional and digital media
Animation, motion graphics, sound design
Photography, creative & technical writing

Interactive Multimedia
Design & Programming
Kaleidoscope Theater link NY Mets Topps Scoreboard Game link Marconi Sound Design and Animation Phaser orignal fictional novel excerpt link

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Photoshop, Lightroom, Illustrator
Premiere, After Effects, Audition,
Acrobat, InDesign
Flash Animate, CrazyTalk Animator,
Anime Studio, Manga Studio,iClone, Poser
Visual Studio 2008-2015
Adobe AIR
C++, C#, VB
Flash Actionscript

"The Temple" from "The Vortex" soundtrack by Candace Pacheco of D'Cuckoo